Getting the Backpack Ready for the XXVI General Chapter

Nov 11, 2020 | Congregation, ICT, XXVI General Chapter

Rome, Italy. The Information Services Department of the General Secretariat commissioned a team to prepare the site for the celebration of the XXVI General Chapter: The English and Spanish Pre-Chapter sections are already available and accessible. As we approach the XXVI General Chapter’s celebration, other languages and more materials and information will be available on the site.

Fr. José Miguel Cambero, CMF of Colombia-Venezuela Province, designed the site’s concept and the front page. The team, who are also part of the Claretian Cyber Missionaries group supervised by Fr. Louie Guades III, CMF, is composed of: Fr. Nelson Thomas Puthenparambil, CMF (Team Leader – Bangalore), Fr. Andrzej Kobylski, CMF (Polska), Rodrigo González Pavez (Lay Claretians / San José del Sur), Fr. José Miguel Cambero, CMF (Colombia–Venezuela), Student Ronell John Recomono, CMF (San José del Sur), and Fr. Eugenius Paul Madoni, CMF (Indonesia-Timor Leste). Due to the recent appointment of Fr. Eugenius Paul as the new Consultor-Econome of his Major Organism, Student John Paul Bernal, CMF (Philippines) takes his place, and Fr. Joël Nkongolo Dikuba, CMF (Congo) will join them soon.

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