Haiti: ?Bearers of life?

Mar 10, 2010 | Antillas, Claretian Family, The Claretian Mission

Haiti. “Bearers of life,” is the perfect expression to define the humanitarian actions of the doctors of AMAR and of CARITAS of Puerto Rico, here in Haiti. They, by their actions, become bearers of life in the midst of situations of death and desperation. They share with the victims what they are and what they have, they sow hope in the land of anguish. Since January 12, Puerto Rico, with its generous hand, has not ceased giving itself to the people of Haiti till it reached the innermost part of the country in the Province of Artibonito (Centre-North).

Everything happened on Friday, February 19. Under the leadership of Ms. Mirtelina Torres, a group of 12 persons, doctors, nurses, interpreters and security personnel, left Puerto Príncipe for the municipality of Verrettes to give back the hope, the smiles and the life that the “fierce cataclysm” of January 12 had taken away. As soon as they arrived, they were received by the director of the Verrettes Hospital and the GRIAC group (Group of Reflection for Initiative and Civic Action) that works in multiple non-profit projects.

The road seemed long (135 km from Puerto Príncipe to Verrettes). But when the Puerto Rican doctors arrived, they realized what was waiting for them: wounds not attended for over one month and many other complicated cases. It must be stressed that most of the persons attended on that day are natives of Puerto Príncipe who had fled in search of basic medical attention.

Doubtless, the aid that these tireless doctors brought alleviated all those who suffer. And if it were not for them, the victims would still be waiting for attention.

They were able to share their lives with the victims; unite them through solidarity.

The cataclysm of January 12 left Haiti in desolation, it is true; but hope is reborn. We are reviving from the ruins. Now, more than ever, Haiti’s name is “land of hope.” In the name of the victims, we (the people of Verrettes) give the warmest of thanks to all the Puerto Rican brothers who have collaborated to lighten the light of hope for the victims of the earthquake. May we continue implanting in the world the globalization of solidarity! Thank you, Puerto Rico, you may already enter into the glory of the Kingdom, because… “we were seriously wounded and you healed us.” (Photos)

Fr. Beauplan Derilus, cmf
(First Haitian Claretian Missionary)

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