Haiti. Communication of Fr. Anistus to Fr. Héctor

Jan 19, 2010 | Claretian Family

Haiti. Thank you, Héctor. I think it is the best idea (to repair the house) rather than to look for another house now. Besides, what house would we look for? All of them are touched and we do not know their present condition. So that I think it is the best idea, if you come with jacks and secure the one we now have, so that we can enter; then we shall see. I am thinking of talking to the owner of the house, if she agrees… But the most important is our life. I completely agree and we are already waiting for you. I have been able to speak with Beauplan; he is all right. They say that Kazal is touched, of course, but they are at ease, because it was not as devastating as here. About the seminarians, I believe that Camilo has already informed you, the postulant Adonis lost his mother, Edouardo lost his niece, others have not yet contacted me. They continue getting corpses from among the ruins. Today I was able to see the cathedral and the national palace; it’s horrible; they are unrecognizable. Other parishes are also destroyed; we are not the only ones. So that the suffering is total and it concerns everyone. Well, brother, we are waiting for the visit of your great friends (constructors, doctors).
A hug, Anistus

NB: I met Mirtelina (a nurse of Puerto Rico, from the group AMAR) and she told me that by Wednesday three or four doctors will be with us; I have already found a house near the parish, where they will be able to stay and attend to people. What a good luck! Everyday I visit Nazon and carry all the water I can and we distribute to them who are still living and sleeping in the streets, like us. But we are very lucky to have the courtyard and the wall that protects us from a total spectacle.

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