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Jan 20, 2010 | Antillas, Claretian Family

Haiti. I do not know why it has been my lot t olive out the three hard and historic events of the Haitian country: the political violence followed by the exile of Aristid, the hurricanes, and now the earthquake. And I come out alive from it all. God is great!
There are no words to describe the present situation. … Every time I go out and see the city I ask myself: Am I dreaming or is what I see true? Is this the Puerto Príncipe that I have known since 2000? But it is not a dream; it is a reality. How did Fr. Beauplan and I survive? Why did the house not fall on us? Anyway, there are so many questions that other people cannot make because they are not any more.

The archbishop with other priests, sisters, seminarians, lay persons, etc. died. Many churches collapsed. Our own church, of course, St. Anthony Mary Claret, in Mazon also collapsed but there was no one inside at that time; only two persons were on top and they feel together with the roof of the church, and that is why they were saved. We continue sleeping in the courtyard of our house, because we cannot do it inside: it is dangerous. Millions of Haitians also sleep in the streets… A hug. Anistus

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