I Brazilian Congress of Claretian Educators

Jun 17, 2008 | Brasil, Education Ministry

Brazil. The I Brazilian Congress of Claretian Educators took place in Batatais, from May 22 to 24, 2008, in the context of the Bicentenary of CLARET’s birthday, organized by the Claretian University Centre and the San José School. The theme was: “Confessional education and the challenges of today’s world.” About 360 professors, alumni and officers of the Claretian teaching institutions of Batatais (school and University Centre), Taguatinga (school), Río Claro (school and Faculties), São

Paulo (SOCICLAR and ASES, school and faculty), Belo Horizonte (school), Curitiba (Studium Theologicum) and professors of various fields of Distance Learning. In addition to five conferences (Fr. Aquilino Bocos cmf, Dr. Antônio Boeing, Fr. Dr. Marcos Sandrini, Dr. José Carlos Libâneo) 33 oral communications were presented, as well as 11 discussion groups and 78 panels. Dom Joviano Lima Junior, archbishop of Ribeirão Preto, presided over the Mass of the Congress and blessed the new University chapel, built adjacent to the library.
We wish an education that will contemplate the human person, in the light of Jesus Christ, in search for truth. We reinforced the need to testify our Education Project, asserting that “each person is a unique and singular being, the principle of its own actions, of its capacity of governing itself through freedom; it is at the same time a whole and an existential demand of openness and contact with others” (Ceuclar Education Project).

The congress was a great moment of living together, of integration and union around the Claretian education proposal.

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