Impossible to repair the house

Feb 7, 2010 | Claretian Family, Mission Alive, The Claretian Mission

Haiti. Messrs. Angel Ramos SC, Juan Carlos Cuadrado and Oscar Cuadrado arrived to Haiti from Puerto Rico, with the request from Fr. Héctor Cuadrado, cmf, to evaluate the damages inflicted on the structure of the house of the Claretian community of Haití, and to place 50 clamps in strategic places to protect it against an eventual collapse because of the possible replicas of the last earthquake.

With this preliminary study made by Mr. Angel Ramos SC (a construction expert) it was decided that it is not possible to repair the house, but it must be totally demolished considering the gravity of the cracks. The clamps are not a remedy but a way to prevent a greater disaster if the structure should be further weakened. It must be remembered that the Claretian Priests continue sleeping in the open in the courtyard.

In a small space they have received the family of the cook, Dilen, and some relatives of one of the seminarians.

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