Keeping Young Missionaries Rooted in Christ and Audacious in Mission

Mar 19, 2022 | East Nigeria, Ongoing Formation, West Nigeria

Both East Nigeria Province and West Nigeria Independent Delegation held their Quinquennium programs this week in each own place.

East Nigeria Province gathered its fourteen young missionaries from March 15 to 18, 2022. Present were Frs. Uche Cletus, Uwakwe Denis, Anyaebosim Emmanuel, Ekwems Henry, Onele Paul, Onele Peter, Orazulume Valentine, Madunagu Michael, Obiadazie Augustine, Okoye Vincent, Amaku Peter Claver, Akujuobi Jude, Chiaha Raphael and Omelukam Sylvester, CMFF.

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Prefect of Spirituality, Fr. Perpetus Igwe, CMF, facilitated their program. He encouraged them to do fruitful positive appreciation for sustainable growth. Likewise, Fr. Ukata Emmanuel, CMF, who was also there to collaborate, shared on “the Claretian Missionaries in Pilgrimage with Mary,” with concrete experiences shared by those present. He encouraged them to get connected by building holistic relationships through proper communication for the glory of God, the sanctification of our souls, and the salvation of the world. Last but not least, they invited a medical practitioner, Dr. Nnedimma Iwueke, to share some insights on stress and then conducted a free medical test on the participants.

On the other hand, West Nigeria young missionaries who gathered at the African Institute of Consecrated life, Abuja (AICLA) for two days, March 16 to 17, 2022, centered their ongoing formation on “SHARED EXPERIENCE.”

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The facilitator, Fr. Peter Okonkwo, CMF, the Delegation Prefect of Formation, reminded them of their Consecration during their priestly ordination. He told them always find their root in Christ whenever difficult experiences in their places of apostolate attempt to wind up their initial joy of embracing the Claretian Missionary Charism. He further advised them to be audacious in rendering their missionary services to the Congregation and the people of God.

The Claretian Missionaries commits to pause, as pilgrims, during special moments of their life – quinquennium, middle age, the third age… (cf. GPF 509)- participating in suitable initiatives, offered by the Congregation, for personal evaluation, more intense contact with God and God’s Word, and a new personal project that rekindles their missionary vocation and passion.

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