Letter and Proposals for Claretian Youth Ministry

Sep 1, 2011 | Youth & Vocations Ministry

Madrid, Spain. “…We desire that our work in Youth Ministry be defined by the Claretian style of evangelization which is made up of the following interconnected features: a) Missionary; b) Communitarian; c) Catechumenal; d) Biblically inspired; e) With a vocational impetus…”
On this basis, those in Claretians charge of Claretian Vocation and Youth Ministry (PJV), present at the Claretian Family, World Youth Day (WYD+CF) in Madrid 2011, met on August 17th to define various criteria and proposals of the PJV of the Congregation.

They gathered all their thoughts on the subject and, by means of the General Prefect of the Apostolate, sent them in a letter to all the Major Superiors and those in charge of this ministry in the Major Provinces and Delegations of the Congregation.

The letter included a series of commitments, and proposed various initiatives we must aspire to, among which were: “ … all of us, from wherever we are, should commit ourselves to work intensely to place in all of our existing pastoral centers a PJV to include these characteristics, as soon as possible. To find the road and means to bring this about is most extremely urgent…”

One may read the complete letter at the web page of the Prefecture of the Apostolate: http://www.apostoladocmf.org/apostolado/75/ENCUENTRO+DE+AGENTES+CLARETIANOS+DE+PJV

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