#LightForOthers 2

Nov 2, 2018 | Bética, Fatima, Youth & Vocations Ministry

Guille, 22, still does not find a clear answer to why he started being APJ, because it is something he never imagined, but he does know that God through experiences, desert moments and the constant question about what He will want in his life guided him to the new service as coordinator of one of the stages of the “Claret Joven” catechetical project, with adolescents of 14 and 15 years old. A position that cares with two fundamental elements: prayer and formation. Lucia, 21, for her part, and very naturally commented that her fundamental mission is “to try to love the kids as God loves them, with their defects and virtues” and from their coherence of life and fidelity to the Gospel to be a reflection of it for the More smalls. “Being APJ is a responsibility that goes beyond a catechesis, it is lived”.

Guillermo Vázquez and Lucía Muñoz

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