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Nov 2, 2018 | Bética, Fatima, Youth & Vocations Ministry

Irene, an engineer looking for her first job, explains her mission in the university ministry of the Diocese of Seville, where she collaborates in prayer meetings in which the university students meet to share their faith. Here, as in the ministry of Claret School of Sevilla where she also participates, she strives to accompany the youth. She claims to be a privileged witness of God’s passage through their lives.

She highlights the fact that, “as a pastoral agent, you have something very valuable in your hands: the life of faith of young people.

Alberto, a mathematician who has been coordinating other APJs for years, emphasizes the importance of demonstrating that evangelization can change the lives of his catechumens, especially those young people who, for whatever reason, no one wants to treat or look at. You want to bet on their lives, believe that God has a wonderful plan for them.

Irene Dorado and Alberto Álvarez-Rementería (Seville)

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