“An APJ’s responsibility goes beyond catechesis, it is lived.” – Lucia Muñoz

Alberto and Teresa are both 20 years old and are Youth Ministry Agents (APJ) in Seville. In diverse ways and manners, they felt how God called them to be light among their friends and in a concrete way with catechetical group.

Alberto emphasizes the word SERVICE: “being there where it is necessary to announce the Gospel either in contact with the young people, in the simple setting up the chapel, or even in picking up and cleaning the area after an activity.”

Teresa raises the tone of her voice to unravel how God changed her life and how she can also do it with those around her. She wants to teach, especially to her 16-year-olds, that beyond the good or bad of life there is a God who walks with us along the way and that if we let ourselves be under him we can find true happiness.

Alberto Mancebo and Teresa Villanueva


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