Lutherans visit the Claretian family

Jan 21, 2010 | Antillas, Claretian Family, Health Care

Haiti. In the midst of the prayer octave for the Christian unity these gestures are very meaningful. We offer here the note sent by Nancy Burgos, a Lay Claretian.

When I was about to join the Sunday Eucharist, a surprise telephone call from the Rev. Marisol Díaz, who had received the letter sent by Fr. Héctor Cuadrado informing about his visit to Puerto Príncipe, Haiti, which made her look for us. This made me change my plan and to instead to the office of PROMICLA in the Claret Mission House, in Bayamón, Puerto Rico.

There I received some Lutheran brothers from the Lutheran Evangelical Churches, of San Marcos of Guaynabo and of the Epiphany of Rexville, accompanied by their Pastors, the Rev. Marisol Díaz and Rev. Wilfredo Aponte.

They brought for our Haitian brothers food, water, blankets among other things, besides a monetary offering. In addition, the special economic help of a Jewish family who told us: “Although we are not Christians, we have a heart.”

When all the boxes were stored, we went on to have a small improvised spontaneous celebration, with the participation of about 20 Lutheran brothers and myself, the only Catholic, a Lay Claretian. We started with a reading from the Apostle St. Paul. We prayed together, sang, prayed for our Haitian brothers and we also thanked God who awakens in us the thirst for Compassion, Consolation and Solidarity.
It was a beautiful ecumenical celebration, motivated by the love of the only God, Father of all.

Today I was not able to participate in the Catholic Eucharist. But I had communion with Christ in the Catholicity of his Spirit that was brought to me by my separate brothers. In our offices were left not just a pile of things… but much love, and HOPE.

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