Meaningful and Relevant Testimony About Our Lives Today in Europe

Nov 16, 2011 | Claretian Family, Euskal Herria

Berriz, Vizcaya (Spain).
Organized by the Province of Euskal Herria, the annual encounter of the Fifth Year Claretians was held by the Claretian Provinces of Europe from the 11 – 13th of November. The Encounter took place at the Barnazabal de Berriz House of Spirituality. It began with dinner on the 11th and ended with lunch on the 13th. The theme of the meeting was: “Meaningful and Relevant Testimony About Our Lives Today in Europe”.

Fr. Pedro Belderrain, Provincial Secretary of Santiago, inspired two moments of reflection. The first, during the morning of the 12th, on the theme of our relevant and meaningful testimony today in Europe. The second, during the morning of the 13th, on life in the community. On Saturday afternoon the group enjoyed an excursion to the city of Bilbao.In addition to Fr. Pedro Belderrain, also participating were the Prefects of Formation from the Provinces of Bética (Fr. José María Bolívar), Catalunya (Fr. Josep Armengol), and Santiago (Fr. Luis Ángel de las Heras). Also participating in the encounter was the Provincial Superior of Euskal Herria (Fr. Joseba Kamiruaga).

A total of 23 Fifth Year Claretians participated.
From Bética: Manuel Ogalla, Ramón Crucera, Antonio Jesús Pérez, Francisco and Javier Sánchez.
From Catalunya: Helin John, Shinto Thomas, and Josep Codina.
From: Euskal Herria: Eduardo Madrazo and Roberto Cillero.
From France: Raymundo Adormeo, Francis Kubikula-Ve Mboma, Nestor Fabio Lopez, and Pierre Zanga.
From Italy: Gustavo Pez and Massimo Proscia.
From Santiago: Agustinus Supurt, Gabriel Munsu Lee, Melchiade Luputu, Diego González, Abel Pino, Simón Cortina, Rafael Lozano and Luis Arribas.

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