Mozambique Mission Assembly Charts a Vision for the Future

Oct 17, 2023 | Brasil, Mozambique, St. Thomas

Maputo, Mozambique. The inaugural Assembly of Mozambique Mission took place from 25 to 27 September 2023, in Maputo, Mozambique. Superior General, Fr. Mathew Vattamattam, CMF, and Provincial Superior of St. Thomas Province, Fr. Siby Njavallikunnel, CMF, graced the occasion, setting the stage for a momentous occasion.

This event, significant in the history of Claretian missions in Mozambique, drew participation from all Claretian missionaries working in the region. What made it even more unique was the virtual attendance of Father Eguione Nogueira, CMF, the Provincial of Brazil, who joined the Assembly through a Google meeting, illustrating the global nature of the Claretian mission and their commitment to furthering their work in Mozambique.

The Mozambique Mission is a joint effort involving two Claretian Major Organisms, the Province of St. Thomas (India), and the Province of Brasil (Brazil). The collaborative nature of this partnership exemplifies the unity and shared vision of Claretian Missionaries, bound together by a common faith.

During the Assembly, Fr. Eguione Nogueira, CMF, delivered a profound exploration of the theme of dreams as presented in the Bible. His discourse was a wellspring of inspiration and deep contemplation, revolving around three fundamental aspects:

  1. The Dream of God in Joseph: Father Nogueira emphasized the profound significance of remaining receptive to the promptings of the Holy Spirit, drawing inspiration from the narrative of Joseph (Matthew 1:18-25).
  2. The Dream of God with His People: This facet underscored the collective nature of dreaming, highlighting the essential importance of nurturing a shared vision and mission among the Claretians.
  3. The Dream for the Mission of Mozambique: Father Nogueira eloquently articulated the vision of a vibrant Claretian presence in Mozambique, accentuating the critical need for unity and collaborative efforts to realize this mission.

The Assembly witnessed in-depth discussions focused on the Dreams of the Mission in Mozambique. Delegates concentrated their efforts on the spiritual, pastoral, educational, SOMI (Solidarity and Mission), communication, communitarian, and economic dimensions. These deliberations culminated in a significant commitment, as the General Government, in collaboration with both Provinces, vowed to construct a seminary in Nampula and establish a residence in the capital, Maputo. These initiatives represent a concerted effort to extend the Claretian charism throughout Mozambique and broaden their impact in previously uncharted territories.

The Assembly also devoted its attention to the refinement and endorsement of the Dreams and Projects set to shape the mission’s trajectory over the next eight years. In his closing address, Father General underscored the utmost importance of fostering a missionary spirit, the imperative of cultural adaptation, and the central role of transparency in accountability. He placed a strong emphasis on nurturing vocations, avoiding tendencies toward individualism, and fostering unity in the collective endeavor to realize their shared projects and dreams. Father General further stressed the pressing need to nurture local priests of exceptional quality, dedicated to serving their respective communities, thereby amplifying the impact of the mission.

The Assembly has marked a historic milestone for the Claretian mission in Mozambique, reaffirming their dedication to a shared vision and a promising future of service in this vibrant African region. The Claretians in Mozambique stand poised for a new chapter, firmly grounded in faith and unity, as they work to fulfill the dreams they have set out to achieve.

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