New statement on Haiti

Jan 15, 2010 | Antillas, Claretian Family

Dominican Rep. Fr Alexis and I are prepared to go out from Santo Domingo at 03:57h for Haiti through the border of Jimaní. We do not know how we will do it but we have an ardent desire to reach them to make them feel the presence and solidarity. What we can humanly solve in these moments is very little, but our love and desire to be with them in these moments is very great. We have learned that the situation in Jimaní is becoming very difficult and tense because of the number of wounded persons that are continuously arriving to this little village, historically marked by the suffering of disasters, but a village that is growing in acceptance and solidarity, and is becoming a “mother” of all the children of that Haitian land.

The President of the Dominican Republic is also on his way towards the zone. We do not know that the day will have in store for us, whether we will be able to cross the border of not. But at least we have already crossed the border of fraternal love that impels us to go where our Claretian and Haitian brothers are.

Pray for all of them and for us, and for all the people that today are going to Haiti to alleviate their pain from different parts of the world. Surely God is acting in all of them.
Héctor Cuadrado, cmf. Major
Superior of Antillas

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