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Dec 12, 2019 | MICLA, Noticeboard

Meeting of the General Government with the Governments of the Organisms of America (MICLA)

After 19 years, we once again met with the General Government and with the Governments that make up the Organisms of America (MICLA), this time at the Villa Claret Retreat Center in Medellín, Colombia with the objective of discerning together the challenges of our missionary life and our responses in America after the canonical visits to the continent and the directives of the 25th General Chapter. We would like to share with you some of the experiences during our time together. Guided by the icon that is Mary, that evokes in us her search, to keep alive the signs of hope that as Claretians we have built in America, that can be seen in the work with indigenous people, afro-descendants, migrants, families, children, young people, communities, etc. expressions of the current magnificat, where those excluded from the system are vindicated by the greatness of the Lord.

After 150 years of Claretian presence, today our [Latin] America is a mature vineyard, where vigor and development have created great fruits, where we feel called upon to respond to actual challenges. We gratefully highlight the memory of so many missionaries who have left their mark in our history and we feel compelled to generously respond to new challenges. Therefore, we note that:

  • The stagnant and selfish mentalities lead us to remain in a zone of comfort and privilege at all levels. Therefore, the process of transformation of a Congregation into Exit, awakens our awareness of taking on new challenges, methods, strategies, scenarios and peripheries, and invites us to underline our vocation-mission of disciples, open to the seduction of the Spirit, responding to the challenges of interculturality by promoting the protection of life, the care of creation, with clear options for Solidarity and Mission (SOMI), New Generations and the Bible.
  • The growing individualism in our cultures, nations, peoples and missionary communities that causes disagreements and wounds. This reality calls us to a horizon where we all feel like brothers and sisters. As a community of witnesses and messengers, we will respond with initiatives in the formative field (MICLA Novitiate) and the Theological Institute of Consecrated Life for America (ITVCA).
  • The advancement of idolisms that break our relationship with God, fracture human relationships and destroy ecological harmony. As worshippers of God in Spirit, we feel compelled to drink from the charismatic well and offer its water to quench the thirst of this world. Similarly, we invite society to promote respect for human dignity and care for

As Claretian Missionaries of America we accept our pains and disappointments, but above all we discover the strength and hope of so many people and cultures who seek a more humane and dignified life. With them we want to build a more just society in which all peoples, cultures and communities feel committed to this goal. We remain committed to this journey, following in the example of Mary, Mother of Advent, who preserved things in her heart which moved her to transform her life for the benefit of others.

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