In Christian theology, holiness is a central concept deeply intertwined with the mystery of the Resurrection of Jesus Christ. This fundamental link between holiness and Resurrection extends beyond the religious context, touching the deepest chords of human experience and the search for meaning.

Holiness, in its essence, denotes a state of purity, wholeness, and closeness to God. It is an ideal that runs through many spiritual traditions, prompting individuals to pursue virtue, compassion, and devotion. However, in Christianity, holiness takes on a particularly intense meaning, often being associated with the figure of Jesus Christ, considered the supreme model of holiness.

On the other hand, the mystery of the Resurrection represents the core of the Christian faith. Belief in the Resurrection of Jesus Christ from the dead is fundamental to understanding redemption and eternal life. This extraordinary event not only gives meaning and hope to the Christian life but also raises profound questions about the very nature of human existence and the possibility of transcendence.

In the context of holiness, the Resurrection takes on an even deeper significance. It reveals God’s ultimate victory over death and evil, offering a paradigm of radical transformation and spiritual rebirth. Holiness thus becomes an invitation to participate in this same new life, to embrace the transforming power of divine love and to live in communion with God and others.

However, the quest for holiness is not an easy or linear path. It requires commitment, sacrifice and constant inner conversion. It is a journey of ups and downs, of struggle and grace, in which each individual is called to confront his or her weaknesses and grow in virtue and faith.

In this context, the Resurrection of Christ becomes a source of hope and strength. It reminds us that even in the darkest trials and seemingly dead-end situations, there is always the possibility of new life, of unexpected rebirth. Holiness thus becomes a living witness to this reality, a testimony of life that challenges human limitations and opens the door to divine grace.

Ultimately, the link between holiness and Resurrection invites us to reflect on the deeper meaning of our existence and the possibility of radical transformation through God’s love and grace. It is a call to live with hope and confidence, aware that even in the thickest darkness, the light of the Resurrection continues to shine, offering a way to holiness and eternal life.

Let our existence be conquered and transformed by the Resurrection! Happy Easter Everybody!

                                                                  Fr. Krzysztof Gierat, CMF

General Postulator