School of Vocation Promoters in Venezuela

May 13, 2011 | Education Ministry, Parish Ministry, Youth & Vocations Ministry

Los Teques, Venezuela. From the 2nd to the 7th of May, 2011 during the second week of Easter, a workshop on Vocation Ministry was held in our house of Los Teques (Venezuela), promoted by the Vocation Ministry team of the Delegation. A total of 18 people attended, including the animator of the encounter, Fr. Juan Carlos Martos: seven Claretian Missionaries – among them two deacons – representing each local community; a lay Claretian and …

… an elderly aspirant. All collaborate directly in the Youth Ministry of the Delegation; the first with complete dedication. Also participating were eight religious sisters from four distinct Congregations. Among them one Claretian.

The School was able to develop a program previously agreed upon by the Vocation Ministry team of the Delegation. The themes revolved around the nature of Vocation Ministry, the responsible animators, the actual local Teams of the Vocation ministry, and the dynamic of discernment, which covered the greater part of the encounter.

Parallel to this two meetings of the Claretians present were convoked to develop a simple document “Certain Common Convictions”. This writing included consensual suggestions that can be taken into account in the process of constituting the new Province of Colombia-Venezuela and are incorporated into its Plan of Life and Mission. (Photos)

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