Schools Administrators’ Start of School Year Meeting

Aug 29, 2018 | ECLA, Education Ministry, Euskal Herria

Salvatierra, Spain. On August 29, the Provincial Government of the Province of Euskal Herria together with the different teams involved in the evangelizing work of its schools – Owners Team, Management Teams, Provincial Pedagogical Team, Pastoral Teams, Marketing Team, and the Management Team – met together in Salvatierra to deepen the evangelizing purpose of its institutions, present the demands that the Provincial Government asks them for this school year, and to celebrate the faith together.

After starting with the morning prayer they received the greetings and words of gratitude from Fr. Mikel Burgos, CMF for the annual outreach program of the centers in favor of North Potosí mission.

The first part of the morning was dedicated on deepening its shared mission. “What we have in our hands is not a mere task but the mission of Jesus, to which we feel called and sent. This asks us to cultivate our life of faith, which will be the best guarantee to encourage and spread to others this same spirit in the respective cloisters. In the sharing of the groups, among other things, the need to open spaces in the centers to discover and cultivate the believing experience has been underlined” says Fr. Juan Martín Askaiturrieta, CMF.

After the break, Fr. Mateo Larrauri, CMF, the Provincial Superior, in the light of the evaluations of the different provincial teams of the previous school year, presented the priorities that the Provincial Government the different teams has to take care this present academic year. Then, some significant information was shared for this school year and, finally, they ended the morning by making themselves as a community of believers listening to the Word and sharing their faith. And appreciating the presence and participation of all, they ended the meeting at 3:30 pm after having shared the meal.

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