Second letter from the Superior General

Mar 2, 2010 | Claretian Family, Josep Abella Batlle, The Claretian Mission

Canada. With respect to the earthquake in Chile, Fr. Josep Maria Abella, the Superior General, has sent a second letter, this one to the Mayor Superiors asking for aid for those affected by the event.

Montreal, February 28, 2010
To The Major Superiors.
Esteemed Brothers, With real distress and concern we have followed all the worrying new s about the strong

earthquake that has occurred in Chile. The details are growing worse as the hours pass. The number of people that have lost their lives and the material damage produced by the earthquake leave us overcome by a profound pain.

It is a little more than a month since we responded to the tremendous tragedy that arose, and continues still, with the earthquake in Haiti. Today it is Chile that that has been affected by a similar experience, although fortunately it has not caused as many deaths.

After attempting, without success, to make telephone contact with the Major Superior of the Delegation, he himself has contacted me to update me about the situation of our brothers in the Delegation and their families. Thanks be to God, no personal misfortune has taken place, although there remains tremendous pain in the face of the suffering of so many people. There has however been material damage, most notably in the Church of Curicó, which has been left practically unusable. Also less seriously damaged, though still significant, is the Basilica in Santiago. Fr. Cabré tells me that the magnificent church in Linares, recently given to the Diocese, has been destroyed by the earthquake. Also he speaks of significant damage in various Claretian structures in Temuco. All of this is a source of concern and calls for an expression of solidarity. Our brothers in Chile are generously putting themselves at the service of the people most affected by the earthquake.

Now is the moment to demonstrate our solidarity with our brothers and their people. We are opening an account in the Fundus for those who wish to send support. All the Provinces and Delegations have been very generous with Haiti. Now we are challenged to send to Chile urgent aid which again calls for a gesture of solidarity on the part of all. I am sure that this request will encounter a rapid and generous response from all the Provinces and Delegations. I have asked Fr. Cabré to keep me informed about the situation. This information will be available to you through the Congregation’s webpage.

May God enlighten the Chilean Church so that it encounters the best way of being a sacrament of love in this moment of pain. We ask Mary to inspire our brothers of the Chilean Delegation so that they might be true instruments of hope.

With fraternal best wishes,
Josep M. Abella, cmf.
Superior General

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