Second Novitiate 2012-2013

Dec 22, 2012 | MICLA

Santiago, Chile. On the 18th of December at an 8pm Eucharist the formandi from three Provinces of the South Cone of Latin America: Brazil, Perú-Bolivia, and San José del Sur began an intense experience of the Second Novitiate.

Nine formandi from six nationalities gathered at Casa Claret in the community of San Miguel (El Llano sector) of Santiago to live this special time destined to deepen the living ogf the Claretian charism with a view toward Perpetual Profession. The formandi are being accompanied by Pepe Abarza, CMF.
Our brothers having this experience are:

  • Eguione Nogueira (Brazil)
  • Joao Batista Da Costa (Brazil)
  • Tiago Almedia (Brazil)
  • David María Barreto (Timor East – Brazil)
  • Pius Sortino Laka (Indonesia- Brazil)
  • Wilber Carbajal (Perú- Bolivia)
  • Vistoriano Quispe (Bolivia- Perú)
  • Adrián Salas (Argentina- San José del Sur)
  • Shijan Thomas (India- San José del Sur)

They will be at Casa Claret from December 19th to the 22nd having various workshops after which they will participate in the religious feast of the Virgin of Andacollo (23rd to the 27th). On December 28th until the 27th of January they will undergo the Ignatian Spiritual Exercises for 30 days.

The experience of the Second Novitiate will continue until February 6th when they will return to their provinces of origin.

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