Sixteen “Yeses” from Sixteen Young Claretians

Aug 15, 2020 | Cameroun, Congo, Mãe da África, Polska, Professions

Mbalmayo, Cameroon. On August 13, 2020, sixteen novices from the Interprovincial Novitiate Anton Probst Ekali professed their evangelical vows for the first time in the hands of Fr. Jude Thaddeus Langeh, CMF, Major Superior of Cameroun Independent Delegation. The newly professed students are from the Province of Polska, the Independent Delegations of Cameroun, Congo, and Mae d’Africa.

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Polska: Franck Arthur Kokoun N’fessow, Magloire Kouame Adou, Evrad Djahounkata Yamede, Mélaine Sihi, CMFF; Cameroun: Daniel Tchoussi Kakabing, Paul Kaga Douryang, Valère Natty Edimengo, Martin Abana, Derick Kechie, Alain Parfait Fifen Mounbain, René Olinga Nkdo, CMFF; Congo: Luc Nkumbi Mawesi, Espoir Ndulu Mafala, CMFF; Mae d’Africa: Florentino Tchivela Kaneketela, Amado de Jesus Ilidio Ukelo, Horacio Zeferino Telenge, CMFF.

During the Holy Eucharist, held at the chapel of Noviciat Anton Probst Ekali, respecting the preventive measures against the spread of COVID-19, Fr. Jude, thanked the newly professed of their generosity in following the Lord in the footsteps of St. Anthony Mary Claret. He reminded them of the essence of religious life which passes through the love of the person of Christ beyond all else. They are to observe the Constitutions with fervor and live them in fraternity and be a sign in this divided world.

Addressing the rest of the assembly, Fr. Jude reminded everyone that in this particular year, in this Claretian and Jubilee year of the Delegation, “fraternal communion” is the watchword, as Missionarii Sumus no. 69 reminds us, alluding to the slogan of its Jubilee the words: “Ut Unum Sint: Missionary in community.”

Cameroun Independent Delegation is celebrating its fifty years of Claretian presence in Cameroon (1970 – 2020).

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