Symposium on religion in modern societies

Mar 30, 2009 | Claretian Family, Education Ministry

Spain. The CLARET FOUNDATION of Barcelona organized, on March 28, a symposium on the theme “Religion in modern societies: “laicidad” and “laicismo.” It is a highly topical theme of great importance for the evangelizing mission of the Church. Much has been said about it and the Holy Father himself made reference to this question in his last visit to France. In reality, it reflects the problem of the difficult reconciliation in the modern societies and states between the “aconfessionality” or “laicidad” of the State and the respect for the religious convictions and for the religious institutions and its relevance in the social sphere. The symposium tried to reflect about it with the intention of looking for ways that will allow a positive contribution of the religious experience, more concretely of the Christian experience, in a secular and plural society.

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