Testimonial Regarding our Missionaries in Russia

May 4, 2011 | Claretian Family, Ecclesiastical News

Madrid, Spain. The prestigious Spanish Blog “Periodista digital” has published a column by Alejandro Córdoba who, echoing the film “Gods and Men”, uses this allegory to refer to our brother Claretian Missionaries in Russia (…)

The journalist relates his stay and living experience with the Claretians, in the house at St. Petersburg as well as at the Parish in Murmansk, pointing out the deep impact that José Vegas, Mariano Sedano, Alex Carbajo y Juan Sarmiento had on him. Among the four they carry out tireless evangelizing work teaching classes at the Seminary of St. Petersburg as well as the pastoral work at the Parish in Mursmank, a distance of some1,400 km. In addition to their various work as chaplains, catechists, and humanitarian aid with Caritas, they give personal attention to situations of family crisis, etc.

Says the journalist: With these four I shared at their table, altar, vespers, Eucharists, projects, problems, successes…! A privilege and a magnificent week of Lent! (…)

In St. Petersburg it continued to snow and Spring resisted its coming. Close to my return to Spain I remembered the poem in which Machado waits for the miracle which Spring performs over a dry elm tree. For me the miracle of this Lent/Spring has been fulfilled, to live the final days together with these missionaries who have blessed me with their evangelizing work.

And finally, directing my wishes to these four: that God gives you the strength to continue there where you find yourselves, strengthening you with the fire of faith which the long reign of the communists was not able to put out. These people deserve it. To make community with them, protecting them, loving them and leaving you loved by these magnificent people who surround you.

In an archival photo: the four Claretians with the Bishop and Major Superior of the Province of Santiago at the end of a celebration.

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