The “Akenohoshi” Kindergarten celebrates the “Feast of Children”

Dec 3, 2012 | East Asia, Ecclesiastical News

Osaka, Japan. Since ancient times in the month of November boys who complete 3 and 5 years; and girls who complete 3 and 7 years respectively are celebrated.

The tradition came about in times when the country did not have the medical services necessary to assure the health of the people, and the mortality rate was very high.

The occasion for this Celebration then is to give thanks for the life and health of children, as well as “to pray” that they continue in the process of growth, and physical, intellectual, and spiritual maturity. Within this framework we celebrate this Festival in the “Akenohoshi” Kindergarten (Star of the Morning), where Fathers Jaime Cisnerois, CMF and Julio César Torres, CMF, Director, have prayed-over and blessed these little ones so they may grow-up happy, always surround by love and health.

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