The Challenges of Interculturality IV

Dec 9, 2008 | Claretian Family, Congregation

Spain. We gathered in the Chapel to celebrate the Mass in the Indian rite. Our Brothers Mathew Vadakkel and Raj Irudaya, together with Fr. Mathew Vattamattam, who presided over the Eucharist, helped us to live very an intensive moment of spirituality and fraternal communion.

Today’s work had two parts. The whole morning we had a dialogue among cultures. First in a personal way and then in small cultural groups (Spain, South America, Central America with Mexico, India, USA with England and Africa) formulated questions to be addressed to the brothers of the other cultural groups. The dialogue that arouse was very enriching; we all appreciated the climate of openness, respect and sincerity in which we were able to share our worries, prejudices and doubts about other cultures. We all were happy and convinced that indeed it was possible to have a sincere dialogue to create greater communion. We think that we have lived a parable of the intercultural fraternity to which our whole Congregation is being called in this historical moment.

In the afternoon we dedicated ourselves to answer three questions that Paul threw at us with the intention to try to formulate what we, as formators, are interested to share with our Brothers in the Congregation. With the methodology we have been using of personal reflection, sharing in small groups, interchange of information and plenary sessions, we were able to express our convictions and perspectives vis-à-vis the work on interculturality in our formative communities.

In the evening Fr. Maxim Muñoz, provincial Superior of Catalonia visited us and shared with us the night prayer, dinner and a small walk along the streets of Vic. We thanked him for this gesture of congregational communion and for the good reception we have felt in his province. The fraternal atmosphere, the dialogue and the joy of the shared vocation are the best support of all that we are working for and proposing.

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