The Claretian communities do not rest

Jan 25, 2010 | Antillas, Claretian Family, The Claretian Mission

Haiti. We are talking about the communities in the different places of the Congregation. In the face of the emergency of the Haitian people and the difficulties that our Haitian brothers are encountering to cope with it, a chain of solidarity has emerged. The images that have been offered are sufficiently expressive as to recognize that we cannot wait to start. At the head are the Claretian NGO’s PROMICLA and AMA with their main office in the Antilles themselves, and, as a definite support, the FUNDUS of the Claretians which receives everything that is destined to Haiti at present, so that it will immediately reach its destination, as well as other NGO’s that are collecting all the initiatives that arise.

PROMICLA is actually informing in its blog < > and offers information also to other information services, like < >. At the same time they are sending tons of aid, still very insufficient, medical personnel and technicians in other services.

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