The Claretian Family prepares its input for World Youth Day

Feb 9, 2011 | Claretian Family, Youth & Vocations Ministry

Madrid, Spain. Coordinators of the participation of the “Claretian Family” on WYD (World Youth Day. Madrid, August 2011), continue to take significant steps in the preparation of this great event.

In a statement to the “contacts” of the various groups of the Claretian Family who will participate in this conference, there are several important announcements in order to register for their respective groups.

To do this, remember that you have to make a double entry, one for general events of World Youth Day with the Madrid Organisation (see the section “subscribe” on the web page: and another for the Events of the Claretian Family itself (initial meeting: 12-15 August and final meeting: 21-23 August), for which purpose you should write to this email address:

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