The “Day of Memory” at the House of the Well

Jan 31, 2012 | Claretian Family, Italia

Lecco, Italy. At the “Casa sul Pozzo” [House of the Well] of Lecco, a “Memorial Wall” has been designed. It is a stylized engraving of a tree on whose leaves have been written the names of three large groups:

1) The names of the young people who have passed through this house and have died, 2) The names of men and women whose choices in life have enriched humanity with positive signs, and 3) The names of places, cities, and territories where violence to human life or newly flourishing experiences of peace have been verified.

In this way, the “Casa sul Pozzo” has united the celebrations of the “Day of Memory” (January 27th) in solidarity with the holocaust victims during the Second World War.

They also had a concert dedicated to the Israeli soldiers jailed for reasons of conscience at the occupation of Palestine.

Among other programmed activities, on the 2nd of February Mrs. Hanna Weiss, who at the age of 16 was brought to Auschwitz with her family, and who has not returned there since her liberation on January 27, 1945 will be introduced to the House.

On February 10th there will be an open manifestation of a show entitled: “The eclipse of democracy”. It is a chronicle of the crisis of the global system, from Genoa until the most recent episodes around Wall Street.


At the same time they are collecting signatures for a referendum on two proposals for laws of popular initiative: for the reform of the right to citizenship and the extension to migrants for the administrative rights to vote.

The “Casa sul Pozzo” is a project of the Claretians from the Italian Delegation coordinated by Fr. Angelo Cupini, CMF. Among its activities is the Crossing Project, a formative process for the cultural integration of migrants. This year they have accompanied more than 100 young people, inhabitants of Lecco, but who come from 26 countries worldwide.

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