The “New Testament” of Editorial Claret sells more than 500,000 copies

Mar 2, 2011 | Bible Ministry, Claret Publishing Group

Barcelona, Spain. The “New Testament” of Editorial Claret, Barcelona has reached its twentieth edition in the year 2010. Its acceptance among Catalan readers is a reflection of the 500,000 copies sold.

In keeping with its tradition, the publisher has made the commitment to keep alive the translation, revising and updating it linguistically every ten years. The person responsible for this version, direct from the original texts, is Fr. Jaume Sidera i Plana, CMF.

Among its readers is our brother Pedro Casaldáliga CMF, Bishop Emeritus of Sao Félix de Araguaia, Brazil, who commenting on this edition, says: “Congratulations to our Editorial Claret for this new edition of the New Testament. I read a little bit each afternoon and I find it very pleasing in its direct and familiar style, and, in addition, faithful to the original.

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