The People of Jafna peninsula in the open prison and the effect of its human misery

by | Mar 9, 2012 | JPIC

Sidney, Australia. Fr. Paramavalan Peter, a Claretian priest from recently created Sri-Lanka dependent delegation, wrote to Tamil Sydney about the pathetic situation of the Tamils in Jaffna Peninsula.

Systematic segregation by the Sri-lankan army creates a fear and unsettled situation among the tamils. The Amnesty International and many other agencies have brought about this issue to the public.

The Sinhalese Buddist government of Sri-Lanka is violating even the basic human rights. His sharing could be read from the following link in detail:

Let’s wish and pray that the human rights are respected, peace and justice prevail and each one gets what they deserve with the dignified life, no matter what religion they belong to.

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