The Tanur Renewal Programme: A Time to Grow and Integrate the Claretian Spirituality

Apr 26, 2023 | Indonesia - Timor Leste, Spirituality and Community Life

Benlutu, Indonesia. In quenching the spiritual thirst to drink from the source of our Claretian spirituality (cf. QC. 48) and to renew the missionary zeal of the members, the Independent Delegation of Indonesia-Timor Leste organizes its “Tanur” Renewal Program in the Claret Retreat Center of Benlutu, Indonesia from April 19 to May 28, 2023. 

It is a forty-day program, journeying into one’s spiritual wellness with a question, “Quid Prodest” (who benefits) and which leads to the end of the journey with the profound assurance of God –the Spirit, “Spiritus Domini” who teaches and sends at the same time to continue the missionary path in different mission areas. This spiritual journey is an opportunity for the members to experience and renew one’s missionary commitment to be truly religious and missionary in living and bringing the dream of God as Claretians.

The said renewal program is an adaptation of the Forge Program of the Congregation into the local context since not all Delegation members will have the opportunity to experience the original Forge Program in Spain. Thus, this program was initiated with a single purpose to help each member to grow and integrate the Claretian spirituality in their lives.

The Tanur Renewal Program is offered for all the members of the Delegation who are 40 years old and above and those willing to renew their spiritual life and missionary experience. The program is limited to eight people only. Five participants attended this year’s program, facilitated by Frs. Francisco J.B. Roca and Robertus Wontong, CMFF (Del. Prefect of Spirituality). Both experienced the Forge Program (Madrid, Spain) and the Heart of Mary School for Formators (Vic, Spain). Fr. Valens Agino, CMF, Major Superior of the Delegation, invites all Delegation members to use this spiritual program to renew and grow in our Claretian spirituality and identity. 

Source | Fr. Yoseph Ferdinandus Mello CMF, Secretary, Indonesia-Timor Leste Independent Delegation. 

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