The Workshop on the Identity of the Claretian Educator comes

Nov 29, 2009 | Claretian Family, Education Ministry

Spain. The Claretian schools of Spain have ended a Workshop to describe the identity of the Lay Claretian Educator and the traits of his/her Pedagogy. The Workshop started in November of 2005 and ended in Vic in November 9 to 13, 2009, with the fourth and last edition of the “Workshop-Course on the identity of the Claretian Educator.” More than 140 educators have participated in the process; in this last edition there were 35 participants from 18 Schools of the three branches of the Claretian Family that have Education Centres in Spain. This formative encounter for Lay Educators has been convoked and organized by the Interprovincial Commission of Schools (CIC) of Spain and carried out by a sub-commission composed by Margarita García and Rosa Ruiz, rmi, and Juan Lozano and Juan Carlos Monroy, cmf; the last one was the coordinator. The director of the secondary education of the Claret of Madrid, Don Enrique Martín, has closely collaborated with this sub-commission. The tracking of the Identity of the Claretian Educator was made from four sources: from the experience of the participating lay educator himself, from the experience of the founders of the three institutes -through their writings-, from the experience of the previous generations -through the congregational documents and the conclusions of the different encounters- and from the contrast with the Regulations of the Schools of the Claretian Family of Spain, prepared by all the executives of the Claretian Education Centres. The work was contextualized by Anton Vilarrubias, cmf, Encarnación Velasco, rmi, and Antonio Bellella, cmf. The conclusions of the groups that carried out the Workshop on the Identity of the Claretian Educator will be summarized by this sub-commission, which in addition will offer to the Centres some work guidelines so that they can be studied by the staffs. This work will be finished for the anniversary of the birth of Saint Anthony Mary Claret.

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