To be concrete and efficient in the aid to Chile

Mar 4, 2010 | Claretian Family, Mission Alive, San José del Sur

Chile. Letter of the Major Superior of Chile, regarding the aid to be sent on the occasion of the earthquake Santiago de Chile. March 3rd 2010 Father General,
thank you for making contact and for your words of encouragement at this most tragic time for our people. At such turns of events, one always encounters brotherly concern turned into specific actions of support, and I am very pleased to inform you that we have received messages from several organisms in the Congregation, and from missionaries in particular. Financial support is what we really need now because, apart from the churches in the south being either damaged or completely destroyed, there is also the financial settlement of staff who cannot go away empty-handed, even though the law of “circumstances beyond our control” would condone it. We also have to make provision of food, clothing and even water for the affected areas.

The following accounts can receive donations: Misioneros Claretianos, Banco de Chile, Cuenta No 163-02834-06 (for contributions to inland areas of Chile) and to our account in the Fundus in Rome: Chile Account, No 4110018 (US$) and Account No 4120027 (Euros).

And as one hand helps the other, and both hands wash your face, in the next few days we will send off to the Antilles the donations we had collected for Haiti, which is now over US$10,000. The mountains can fall on us, but love will always be stronger. Please do me the favour of communicating our gratitude throughout our beloved Congregation.

Warmest regards
Agustín Cabré Rufatt, cmf.

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