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Jan 25, 2012 | Claretian Family, Formation, Perú - Bolivia

Arequipa, Perú. A workshop for the Vocation Ministry animators of the Province of Perú-Bolivia was held from January 16-20, 2012. It was organized by Fathers Gerardo Rodríguez and Joseph Kalakkal who report to the Provincial Secretariat of Vocation Ministry.

The guidelines for the workshop came from Fr. Juan Carlos Martos, Director of the General Secretariat of Vocation Ministry.

In addition to representation from all the communities of the Province, also participating were Lay Claretians, laity, and various religious sisters; a total of 42 people.

The workshop was a time of intense work, information and deliberation. It also provided a significant space of time to pray for vocations.

As a result of reflection and discernment, two proposals were agreed upon which, if carried out, will mark the path of Vocation Ministry for the Province

The first, to constitute a local vocation ministry team in each of the pastoral centers of the Province for early April 2012. The make-up, objectives, and functioning of these local teams is the same that is being offered to the entire Congregation from the General Secretariat of Vocation Ministry.

The second, to design and carry out among all the local vocation ministry teams a Claretian Vocations Week for the next pastoral year. Such activity will be coordinated by the Provincial Secretariat of Vocation Ministry and developed and carried-out by all the locally constituted Vocation Ministry teams.

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