Visit To A Segovian Forge

by | Oct 8, 2018 | Spirituality and Community Life, The Forge

Segovia, Spain. On Saturday, October 6, the participants of the Forge 23 had the opportunity to visit a forge in Segovia. The visit to that beautiful and Claretian city made it possible for them to be spectators of this ancient craftsmanship: a piece of iron was introduced between burning coals until it turned into red hot; then it was skillfully modeled on the anvil by the accurate hammer of Mr. Elias, the veteran blacksmith, to give it the shape they had asked for: a forge knife, rough yet original.

Live and for a short time they contemplated how the fire and the hand of the blacksmith can change a piece of iron. The Claretian image of the forge made them understand one’s process … if there is fire and yet without a blacksmith, the iron breaks, but it does not transform … A clear symbol!

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