Workshop on Transmitting the Faith

Dec 9, 2008 | Claretian Family, Congregation

September 17 -25 in Krzydlina Mala, the general prefecture for the apostolate led a workshop on transmitting the faith. Participants, who came from all over Europe, included: Pedro Belderrain, Jerzy Tupiloski, Pablo Largo, Stefan Wolf, Máxim Muños, Anthony Igbokwe, Pedro Cabrera, Juan José Raya, José Maria Vegas and Vicente Sanz.
The theme reflected the intense interest expressed in the last general chapter in how to respond more effectively the phenomenon of disbelief and religious indifference:
Seek new ways to stimulate faith and foster its growth in persons disenchanted with the Church or who are unbelievers (PQTV 68.2).
Each participant brought to the workshop a written work to share with the others. Themes included: the present situation; means, instruments and resources for the transmission of the faith; reflections on transmission of the faith in the New Testament and in the history of the Church; the message to be communicated, the agents and the recipients, witnessing and other key issues.
Plans are being made to publish proceedings of the workshop. We hope this publication will stimulate our missionary and pastoral commitment in an environment increasingly more removed from the faith, especially in Europe. Since the workshop took place in Poland, all the participants had the added delight of breathing in the atmosphere of a country, which has known how to transmit the faith in difficult times and which is starting to suffer the effects of secularization.

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