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Dec 4, 2011 | Indigenous peoples, México

México, D.F. Anna is a member of a group of Germans who assist the Tlapanec indigenous communities in the Xochitepec Mission (Guerrero, México).

She is a painter who offered to help, both the indigenous people and “NIEV” (Niños con Ilusión y Esperanza de Vivir [Children with joy and hope to live]), an association that serves children with problems of drug addiction in Mexico City. Both works coordinated by the Claretian Missionaries.

Because of the originality of their work, a proposal was made to highlight art and life. She asked the youth and indigenous children, and those from NIEV to paint various scenes of their ordinary life and send them out so they can be known in Germany.

The proposal was a complete success. For the children and youth it has served be to an interesting form of therapy, and at the same time has artistically expressed their emotions. Achieving a widespread distribution, they have received economic aid for their economic development.

Anna, on her part, has been touched by these paintings. In a letter directed to the young artists she shared her own sentiments:

Over a year ago, when the package of your drawings came from México, I had no idea that this would be a very important day in my life. We speak different languages, but more than words, your pictures have spoken of sad days and happy days. They speak of pain, sorrow, and anguish, but also of hope, joy, and confidence.
All of this has touched my heart and has given me strength.
On the 4th of November 2010 one of my sons died as a result of drugs. Although he had a mother and father who loved and supported him, he did not have the strength to drop his addiction to drugs. He had brothers who were very close to him who wanted to help, he had a profession and a home, he had doctors and therapy; but he was too weak to live a life without drugs.
I know that many of you were abandoned by others; however you have now embarked upon a good path. I know how difficult this step is, and that it takes great courage, courage and strength to give. Because of this it is very important for me to tell you that I believe in you with much sympathy, respect, and admiration. I thank you with all my heart and I will cherish them [the paintings]as a treasure (…)
At the same time, I am taking this opportunity to also send you two pictures. I painted them when I was very desperate and sad. But on the whole I have not given up on hope, and I am thankful for the life and the three children that I still have (…)”

Anna_2The first picture is titled: Anna, Desperate and Sad, and the second reflects her family. Among the four children, in the back, among the shadows, is the one who died as a victim of drugs.

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