Chinese Biblical Team

Jan 3, 2013 | ASCLA East, Bible Ministry, East Asia

Macau. Convened by the Fr. Alberto Rossa, CMF, a group of expert professionals in biblical studies met in our house in Zhuhai, in the first week of December.

They are Chinese who have studied many years in Europe or the United States and are now returning to the country with a broad preparation in biblical Sciences. They have access to the original languages of the Bible and are able to collaborate on a project for publication of the New Testament in Chinese towards the middle of 2013.

For a couple of days the Group has reviewed what has been done up to now, the methodology and a shared working scheme to carry out this project.

The new version will involve approximately 1200 pages: new translation to Chinese, new introductions and commentary and a guide to Lectio Divina (read, meditate, pray, act) for each chapter of the Bible. Meanwhile the team is already working on the translation of the Old Testament.

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