Claretian Centenary in Trieste: 1912-2102

Mar 1, 2012 | Italia

Trieste, Italia. On Monday, the 20th of February, the centenary celebrations of the Claretians in Trieste began with the participation of the Claretian community and the faithful of …

the Parish of the Immaculate Heart of Mary. The activities began with the participation of Mons. Giampaolo Crepaldi, bishop of the diocese, and the Major Superior of the Claretians of Italy, Fr. Franco Incampo, CMF.

The current parish priest Father Renato Caprioli, CMF emphasized the importance of these celebrations which take place in “… a year of grace inserted deeply into the life and mission of the Church as she prepares to live the time of Lent […] To gaze upon these hundred years is one of gratitude and also of plea for forgiveness; but above all, a desire to collect the testimonies of service to the Gospel and stamp a renewed fidelity to the path of our community”.

In a moment of prayer guided by Fr. Oswair Chiozini, CMF, those present were invited to listen to the text of Luke 4: 16-19, then a song based on #64 of the Autobiography of St. Anthony M. Claret, and finally a section of the Pastoral Letter “Eucharist, Jesus Christ alive and present”, by Mons. Crepaldi, the Bishop of Tireste, ending with the Magnificat prayer.

Immediately afterwards, Fr. Renato invited Mr. Graziano Sala and Mrs. Rosella Crevatin to present the projects which they prepared for these celebrations: the book “Claretians in Trieste, One Hundred years of Mission 1912 – 2012”, the historical-graphic exhibition prepared in the parochial lounge, and the scenic representations programmed for throughout the year.

The evening concluded with a visit to the exhibition and a time of conviviality in which the parishioners shared a snack with a group of “homeless” people who, during the winter period, find shelter at night in this place.

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