Claretians of Latin America gather in Mexico 2

Apr 15, 2008 | MICLA

Mexico. Today, April 1st, our second day, we welcomed the Mexican sun with a prayer led by Central America, Argentina, Uruguay and Paraguay, and inspired in the biblical passage of the disciples of Emmaus, to reflect on our walking in the reality of our Latin America and discover in its midst the little lights of the Risen One. After the Morning Prayer we enjoyed our breakfast with its “Mexican chile” and the much recommended “frijoles”, which gave us the energy to confront the hard reality of our continent, guided by the report of Fr. Enrique Marroquín, CMF. Although

at the beginning we were scared by the list of themes to be discussed, because they seemed like the index of a book, we realized that it was only a help to make an overall review of our reality in order to highlight what we considered more important.

Undoubtedly, the main problems of the bad distribution of wealth, the privatization of public services, the migration, the ecological deterioration because of the over exploitation and the beginning of the free market treaties came to light. At the political level, it was evident that mistrust was growing towards anything that smelled of politics: institutions, social pragmatism, the disillusionment for politics of the left, frequently with uncertain horizons, social violence and to a certain extent, the decline of the influence and interest that North America was receiving.

In the cultural field, mention was made of the phenomenon of globalization that disintegrates and equalizes cultures, and the cultural fragmentation, the constant acceleration of the cultural changes, the new relationship between genres, the forms of resistance of the social indigenous movements, etc. Lastly, regarding religion, we discussed the anachronism of the Church in the face of the change of epoch, the oblivion of the fraternal and evangelical acceptance, the non-sense of life, the over activism and lack of depth, the desire of returning to what is safe and fear of the risk of prophetism and renunciation, and the inability for our message to reach the heart of the person, remaining instead in generalizations, among other things.

All this tended to leave our spirit a little low, although there was tequila on the table to lift it up, but we started to bring up signs of life and hope, such as the wealth have is in the interpretation of the Bible, and the divine mystery from the surrounding reality which we wish to transform, the help offered by the lay missionaries, the examples of resistance and courage of many social sectors and minorities, among other points.

It was a hectic day and, in a sense, with many questions and challenges which we are called to give an answer to, in accordance with our evangelizing mission, but in order to avoid the uneasiness, we were invited to celebrate hopefully the Eucharist where we again celebrated the life, this time in the person of Fr. Joaquín Medina.

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