Consolidating Christ-rooted Persons to Cater for the Needs of the Needy: SEPE KITA Community Management 2022-2025

Feb 21, 2022 | Indonesia - Timor Leste

Kupang, Indonesia. Fr. Valens Agino, CMF, Major Superior of Indonesia-Timor Leste Independent Delegation Leste, during a Mass, officially acknowledged the “SEPE KITA Community” in the Delegation, received the oath of office, and sent off its officials for 2022-2025 on Saturday, February 19, 2022, at the Hati Maria Seminary in Kupang.

The SEPE KITA Community renders services in matters of solidarity, ecology, and communication to the people of Kupang and surrounding areas.

In his homily, Fr. valens told them that he sees God’s spirit working in each of its members, moving them to do something to help others. It is vital to keep the presence of the spirit of God in each of them so that it will always inspire and touch the heart of each member to dare to go out and greet people who need help.

“I felt proud when I joined in one or two of the outreach activities of SEPE KITA. Why? Because it turns out that the Spirit of God moves many people and moves those whom He likes, whom He loves, with whom He is pleased,” Fr. Valens explained.

“SEPE KITA group is a group, which in my opinion, is very special, both in the Claretian Missionary Congregation, in the Church, in the world, and in a special way before God Himself. With His Spirit, God moves your heart, your conscience, be devoted, to serve without any regard or motivation other than wanting to help others and glorify God with the work you do,” he further said.

Fr. Valens, their Spiritual Director, appreciated the many sacrifices that SEPE KITA Community does to be of service to others, a manifestation of one’s rootedness in Christ. He also reminded them that this service entails challenges along the way. He encouraged them to be audacious, not to be dissuaded and discouraged when these moments come and turn it into an opportunity to serve their neighbors better.

The officials who took the oath during the occasion and sent-off to the mission are Fr. Selestinus Panggara, CMF (General Coordinator), Ms. Yustin Sadji (Field Coordinator), Theresia Raga (Secretary I), Fr. Valentinus Laga Ola, CMF (Secretary II), Ms. Wilhelmina Manafe (Econome). Division heads also took their oath and sent off to the mission. They are Ms. Yustin Sadji (Solidarity and Communication), Ms. Eka Sulistya (Economy), Ms. Dortia Mbura (Empowerment), Ms. Emerensiana Raga (Ecology) and Fr. Yeremias, CMF (Communication).

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(News submitted by Mario F. Cole Putra, CMF)

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