Ecumenical Activity in the Community of Vich

Oct 24, 2007 | Claretian Family, Community Life

Spain. While an ecumenical assembly was taking place in Sibiu, Romania, September 4 -9, the Claretian community of Vich organized ecumenical prayer services in the crypt of the shrine in Vich. It should be pointed out that many younger people took part, especially on September 8. (There is a holy hour at 9:00 pm every first Saturday.)

Actually, there is already something of a tradition of ecumenical initiatives, in particular with the ancient Coptic church. There have been many visits to Coptic monasteries, parishes, schools, hospitals, centers of spirituality, and to the most desperate neighborhoods of Cairo, such as Zabaline and Ezbel-el-Najht , which have large Christian populations but are rarely visited by tourists. Over the last five years, tours of the Sinai desert have been organized by Ictus Voyages of Paris.

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