Former Claretian Student Triumphs with the short Film “Hay mucha gente buena”

May 1, 2012 | Claret Publishing Group, Fatima

Sevilla, Spain. Antonio Cuadri, a former student from Colegio Claret of Seville between the years 1966 and 1977, has launched a new short film about Christian love to the public, entitled: “Hay mucha gente buena” [“There are many good people]. Its success among the public and the critics was not expected.

This short fiction, lasting only 18 minutes, is a message of hope. In a world inhabited by over seven billion people, each one in his apparent routine life feels something that pushes him on a search, “even though many, you know, don’t know very well the ‘what’ or the ‘why’”!

Based on true stories, the film tracks 12 people of very different temperaments, strata and professions. Each one of them, thanks to the magic of new technologies, is summoned on a particular day and time, to a very special place, where he will find answers to their concerns.

The director, Antonio Cuadri (at the right in the Foto), has a broad curriculum which demonstrates his experience in the cinematographic field in Spain. He presents this film after a prolonged experience of alienation from the faith, which he rediscovered thanks to the help of some friends who invited him to participate in World Youth Day (Spain, 2011)

The author says: When Pope Benedict XVI, in El Escorial, spoke of “the eclipse of faith” that lives in the West, it seemed very profound to me: “an eclipse is an area of darkness that ends sooner or later”. “I returned to confess a year ago. There were some 15 who didn’t do it. For me it was necessary and rewarding”. As a result of this, the Director has sought ways to offer his experience and to share the reasons for his hope.

The short film was produced by “Radio Maria” of Spain and is an attempt to explore untapped paths for the “new evangelization”. You can see in this link:

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