Haiti. Our seminarians suffer

Jan 19, 2010 | Antillas, Claretian Family, Health Care

Puerto Rico.
Brothers… we have received some news from Fr. Camilo Minaya and from Fr. Fausto Cruz, formators of the stages of philosophy and propedeutica, respectively. These are the two separate communications received from them.
The situation continues being painful for all, and now for the Claretians seminarians who have been directly affected in their beloved relatives. As you will read, one of them has tragically lost his mother. Another one, a niece. May God continue consoling them. On the other hand, I have started to organize, with the Lay Claretians in Puerto Rico, a small brigade to go directly to Haiti to consolidate our house. As you know, it gives absolutely no security for our people. We have no other alternative than to stay in it, because “where else can we go?” To do that we have to buy jacks and lumber to sustain the roofs, so that they may at least feel safe and will not sleep out in the open in the courtyard as they have been doing until now. We will do this purchase in the Dominican Republic, then we will lease a large lorry and will bring it to Puerto Príncipe. Afterwards our construction workers will go (two or three persons at the most), led by the Lay Claretian Angel Ramos, an expert on this, to put these jacks all throughout the house. I hope we can do it very quickly. Fr. Anistus has already thanked us so much for it!!

At the same time, last evening I already had a meeting with the board of directors of the Alianza de Médicos al Rescate de Puerto Rico (AMAR) (Alliance of Doctors to the Rescue of Puerto Rico) in order to prepare for a group of 10 doctors to go next Wednesday, January 20, from Puerto Rico to Jemaní, D. R. In fact, we had direct information from them in that meeting, since 2 doctors and 2 nurses are already there. They even crossed the border and visited our people in Puerto Príncipe with the intention of evaluating possibilities of direct help in medical service to our people. I want to tell you that doing this type of medical service in the present situation is very risky. A group of “Médicos sin Fronteras” (Doctors without Borders) had to be evacuated and had to suspend the service they were rendering for the flood of desperate people in search of that service. For this reason we are carefully planning how we will bring the doctors, and somehow guarantee their security. I must say that these doctors are ready to take the risk involved. I thank so much Dr. Jesús Alvelo, (he grew among the Claretians) and his wife Alba, as well as Dr. Jesús Amparo Flores, who are conducting this caring initiative.

That is all for now. I thank everyone for their solidarity, as well as all the messages that we receive. We cannot personally respond to everyone, as we would desire. But we carry you all in our heart. Thank you for all the help that you can send to alleviate the pain of the brothers.

P. Héctor Cuadrado, CMF.
Major Superior of Antillas

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