How to be caring with talent and heart

Jun 1, 2008 | Claretian Family

We have talent and heart, and we can used them for what is most basic, urgent and has priority, to be a person, for empathy, for solidarity, to react in the face of suffering and extreme injustice suffered by other human beings at our side… How disoriented is our world who, in its star messages, takes talent as easy success and translates heart as frivolity.” Baketik

Spain. It slipped in my undesired mail. Like many others. But I happened to read it. And it made me reflect. For this reason, I have copied it. I wanted to share it with you. It is not an inconvenience to tell the truth, but a Truth that involves me. This is the challenge added to these lines.

J.A. Pagola told me that if we do not learn from Jesus that the first thing for God is “mercy,” we are lacking something essential to be his disciples. We Christians have the advantage of knowing it. But while loving us all to the very core of his being, Jesus had a preference: the poorest ones, those who count the least, the unequal. Charity, Solidarity,…

What makes us most human is to be for others, sharing with them what we are and have. Like Jesus. Like Mary. Like Claret. Like many others. Like you.

It thrills me to know that many of us still believe in solidarity: Alumni, parents and professors. And besides, in team with others, as it should be. Each one, it the measure of each one’s possibilities. Understanding that authentic solidarity, like true love, implies commitment, continuity and fidelity in time. Taking advantage of the many occasions that are presented to us in life to be in solidarity. Extraordinarily, through campaigns and days oriented to sensitizing and maintaining projects. And ordinarily: with those close to you -at home, in class, at work, with your friends,…- and with your other neighbours not so close physically.

In the home straight of the Bicentenary of Claret’s birthday we have been able to refresh somewhat his missionary spirit. For you, alumnus and alumna, mother and father, girl friend and boy friend, I wish the best. May you be caring for all: giving more of yourself to those who need you most. Without shame. Using all your skill: with talent and merciful heart. Like that of God. From Him you have received them gratis and in abundance. And thanks for you commitment throughout this course and all through your life with those who need you most.

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