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Feb 15, 2010 | México

Mexico. During the Morning Prayer, Brothers del Ciruelo and de Soto informed us that they have not changed the Apostolate they encountered but they have focused on living together with the people, get to know them, accompany them and observe the place in order to begin a pastoral plan that will respond to the needs of our Afro-Mexican brothers, dividing the land in three zones with a common headquarters for the community.

The response of the Government to the observation, questions, doubts, etc. of the five groups of yesterday was clear, precise, serene and brave. At the end we gave it an applause and through Fr. Paul, another one on behalf of the General Government.

This step was quiet and mature, compared with other Provincial Chapters. Fr. Paul suggested a group dynamics to identify the most urgent priorities of the Province and it was a pleasant surprise to verify that we coincided in the five most urgent priorities.

With another enriching group dynamics we dedicated the afternoon to preparing the outline, the priorities and the tasks of the next Provincial Government. In view of the outlined feature of it, someone commented “that we have to import it.”

José Angel Vázquez Villalobos, C.M.F.

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