Dec 15, 2021 | Colombia - Venezuela, Congregation, MICLA


The Province of Colombia and Venezuela has been holding the Third Provincial Chapter since December 12 at the Villa Claret House in Medellín, Colombia. 51 Claretians are in participation with Fr. Mathew Vattamattam, cmf, as chapter president. We are also accompanied by Fr. Gonzalo Fernández cmf, as facilitator. In addition, 10 members of the laity who are part of the mission in both Colombia and Venezuela are invited. We have worked on the stage of Discovering – all that has been done as a Province and which is summarized in the reports of the Provincial Government. We moved on to the Dream stage, to ask ourselves about God’s dream in our Organism for the next years of mission. We have practiced the art of conversation that makes it easier for us to share these dreams after discovering what we have done so far.

We are ready to continue with the stage of choosing. Today, December 15, we set ourselves in the tone of discernment so that we can choose with the best results that the Spirit instills in us.

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