Sri Lanka: New Dependent Delegation

Feb 1, 2012 | Claretian Family, St. Joseph Vaz

Jafna, Sri Lanka. Beginning on February 2, 2012, the Claretian communities of Sri Lanka will become a dependent Delegation of the Province of Germany.

The Claretian presence in Sri Lanka has its origins in the vision and missionary zeal of Fr. Francis Xavier Dirnberger, CMF, a German missionary, also founder of the first Claretian communities in India.

The first original Claretians of Sri Lanka were formed in India into which they were integrated into one organism. In 1992, after the organisms of India became independent, the communities of Sri Lanka became directly dependent on the Province of Germany.

In recent years this mission has taken hold of its basic structures, especially in formation, and carries out various leading missionary projects. It currently has three houses, 24 priests whose origins are in the country, 3 non-native priests but who their exercise there, and 11 students. Their vocational prospects are promising.

After a serious discernment, on February 2nd it will be officially constituted as new delegation, although it will continue depending on the German Province. In celebration of this event, in addition to the Claretians of this place with their Superior, Fr. Rohan Dominic CMF, will be Fr. Mathew Vattamattan, CMF, General Prefect of Formation, representing the General Government and the Provincial Superior of Germany, Fr. Stefan Wolf, CMF.

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