The Chapter of Mexico sets off. Day of revisions

Feb 11, 2010 | México

Mexico. It is a good decision that this and the following days of the Chapter begin with the personal encounter with the living God who comes to fill us with his light, his love, tenderness, his esteem and his power to transform our persons in depth and change us to become a living Gospel and make us capable to proclaim it to others.

The day was dedicated to revise in five groups the reports of government and economy. The process was heavy and between approvals, disagreements, questions, doubts, clarifications and suggestions to the provincial government, the day was done.

We observe now that all this is done to the provincial government with greater maturity and serenity than in previous Chapters.

The technical means to present this work were, in a by now typical expression of the never sufficiently praised Humberto Saavedra, “mere failures”.

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